About Us

Aura Vaastu Consultancy is a leading Vastu Consultancy Services based in Ahmedabad catering globally which aims to create best & affordable remedial solutions. We have been into consulting services since one decade and have a team of qualified Vaastu Consultants, Astrologers, Interior Designers and Architects providing one stop solutions from layout planning to Interior Designing which are Vastu Compliant. Our aim is to provide the most efficient and economic solutions to our esteemed clients so that they have a healthy, wealthy and prosperous life.

Aura Vastu Consultancy helps in creating comfortable surroundings in homes as well as at work places with the help of authentic & practical Vastu solutions. Our "No Demolition Policy" is the USP which focuses on the changes that modern architecture & interior designing has brought in the methods of space utilization and subsequently affected our life styles. Most of the modern housing / business units are built based on convenience rather than applying any Vaastu principles. This results in Vaastu defects in the structure. We help create positive energy for smooth and happy life by suggesting remedial means that minimizes the flow of negative energy and boosts positive energy.

We offer Vastu Consultancy for Industrial Houses, Factories, Residential Premises, Offices, Shops, Showrooms, Farm Houses, Townships, and Institutions etc with total solutions from planning to completion.

The Expert

Suddip Mehta, Consultant Vaastu Expert, Astrologer, Holistic Healer & Life Coach is practicing Vaastu, Astrology & Numerology since last two decades. He has invested a large part of his life in studying and imbibing the mystics of Vaastu, Numerology, Astrology and other Mystic Sciences. Suddip is a based in Ahmedabad, India and is available for private consultations across globe. As a Vaastu Expert, he has been frequently travelling and has a huge client base across the globe.

Suddip has been a Consultant to large number of Industrial houses, Institutions, Hospitals,Showrooms & Offices & has been instrumental in giving Vaastu Consultations to turn projects from planning to the completion of project other than providing remedial solutions to sick units and Industries having specific problems and issues.

He is assisted by a team of Vastu Consultants, Interior Designers and Architects who help him to plan Vaastu Compliant Commercial and Residential buildings to give the best results to his clients.

As an acclaimed Astrologer & Numerologist, he has been successful in synchronizing all the three fields of occult sciences which has always helped him to reach the root cause of the problems with at most accuracy.

As a Vaastu Consultant, he has always preferred "No Demolition Policy" , using ultramodern tools & techniques to balance the energy which has made his clients attain their goal. With the increase in the costs it has become impossible to go ahead with any structural changes until and unless it is extremely necessary. It is the flow of energy which effects an individual and if these are corrected without demolition, our purposed of leading a healthy life is solved.

With an experience of more than a decade and numerous documented cases studies, he has been giving excellent remedial solutions to almost all the practical problems to his clients who have been largely benefitted by his knowledge and vast experience. The remedial solutions which are implemented have been time tested and have been very effective.

Today Vaastu has changed the dimension from a general Vaastu to specific problem related Vaastu. He has been very specific in solving the problem related areas which have been affected due to bad Vaastu.

Remember Vaastu is investment for a life time. Spending money initially can be of immense help in terms of Health, Wealth and Prosperity. A Good Vaastu has innumerable benefits… Believe it and experience the magic….

What we do

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science which helps one to get the natural benefits freely offered by the five basic elements of the universe in which we all live. Vastu deals with five basic elements namely Air, Water, Fire, Earth and Space and their harmony and balance with the space. Each element has its own importance and if we can harmonize them, we can lead peaceful, protected and prosperous life.

Vaastu deals with various aspects of designing and building living environments that are in harmony with the physical and metaphysical forces. Vaastu is an ancient Vedic science of layout planning of buildings that is said to be influencing peace and prosperity of the inhabitants and deals with the management of cosmic energy in Building & Structures. If these energies are set in proper direction, they give miraculous results thus giving the best of life to an individual. Vaastu implies to all areas and operates at basic levels of human existence, thus overcoming hindrances.

How Does Vastu Work?

Vastu Shastra encompasses the entire field of event manifestation and can change one’s cosmic path which may lead to security, stability and success. It builds a bridge between the inner and outer spaces thus synchronizing the two leading to element and energy balance thus defining one’s path effortlessly and overcoming hindrances and blockages.

Benefits Of Vaastu Shastra

Each one of us has aspirations and would appreciate to climb the success ladder to reach new heights. Vastu Shastra plays an important role in paving the path of success, prosperity, better business prospects and a better lifestyle.

The positive energies and vibes which would flow into your home and work place would recharge your mind and body and you would be relatively at peace and you would be able to work efficiently and effectively which would translate into happiness, success and good health.

Vastu Shastra is gaining tremendous popularity due to its effectiveness and we have witnessed positive growth and satisfaction with each of our clients. By incorporating Vastu Shastra principles today, you would be sowing the seeds for a better tomorrow.

Vaastu For Homes

A home is not just a house to live. It is an extension of our mental space and a reflection of our personality. Just as our aesthetic taste influences its design, decor and maintenance, similarly it too influences our moods, thoughts, bio-energy, behavior, personal and social life, recognition, professional success; in fact, each part of our life is deeply intertwined with our home.

A lot of meticulous designing, planning and execution go into building a home and decorating it. If the home is designed following Vastu rules and guidelines, then it will resonate with positive energy and vibrations and its occupants will be healthy, wealthy and successful.

A gross violation of Vastu principles can lead to lot of problems like Insomnia, Depression, Financial difficulties, Domestic unhappiness, or some sort of chronic ailment, lack of sense of security, loss of love in life, drug abuse or alcoholism, and misery.

May be it is a Residence, Bungalow, flat or an Apartment, Home is a place where a person seeks happiness, relaxation an wants to spend quality time with family. A good Vaastu can help you to attain the following:

  • Strengthening Family Harmony and Bonding
  • Resolving Delay in Marriages and Child Birth Issues
  • Opportunities in Career
  • Strengthening the Financial Status
  • Winning Litigation & Court Cases
  • Spiritual Attainment
  • Getting Political Success & Social Recognition
  • Controlling aggressive behavior of Children
  • Activate healing powers of a building
  • Bringing Excellence in Studies
  • Selling Properties
  • Bringing Wealth & Prosperity
  • Overcoming Depression & Low Moods
  • Solving Relationship Issues
  • Passing Competitive Exams
  • Better Health

We can have the above attributes in our home in balanced state by making our house Vaastu compliant. Simple solutions can lead to a peaceful, joyful and successful life for every resident.

Vaastu For Factories & Industries

Vaastu planning can play an extremely important role in smooth operation of an industry. Factory / Industry, are manufacturing plant or Unit etc., have been the backbone of any country and has been a support system for many families. Vaastu ensures the successful running of business navigation, leading to larger production and better monetary profits, successful among neighbor factories. Applying Vastu for industry can be of great support and also it roots the way for prosperity, security, strengthens growth in business. Vaastu defect in your Factory or Industry can be determined if any of the following problems are being encountered by you:

  • Low production and slow output
  • Departmental Approvals and Noncooperation of Banks
  • Frequent breakdowns
  • Delay in construction of the building, if it is a new factory.
  • Accidents & Fire in the factory
  • Burglary / theft
  • Continuous losses or wastage
  • High rate of mechanical failure of machinery and equipment
  • Problems with Human Relations, high attrition rate.
  • Loss of reputation, Litigations, and even Imprisonment
  • Labour Trouble
  • Poor financial returns, Low Sales
  • Wasteful, unnecessary expenditures

Industrial Vaastu planning can eliminate a number of severe problems in a factory. A sensible and intelligent application of Vaastu design principles can cut breakdowns, improve productivity, and enhance efficiency.

One merely needs to have a glance at the figures of sick industries to see how much of time, effort and money is wasted every year. Undesirable land topography, faulty placement of machinery, incorrect planning and layout of the factory can spell disaster. The acumen of the managers and their managerial ability is beyond doubt and deserves a healthy respect, but it is a matter of observation that all sick industries have serious Vaastu faults.

Vaastu Solution

The solution lies in locating the Vaastu faults and their correction to create a harmonious and positive energy field. A proper analysis, systematic approach and application of Vaastu principles and remedies both at Macro & Micro level can lead a Vaastu compliant Factory/ Industry. We suggest changes we involves minimal or no demolition to restore elemental balance and energies to neutralize the negativities leading to brand recognition, improved efficiency and consistent growth and sales.

Vaastu For Building Projects

Today most of the buyers are in search of Vaastu Compliant houses and it becomes very easy for the developer to sell the property if they are able to make houses which have good Vaastu. If this is made the USP, the realtors can achieve faster completion of projects, enhanced financial benefits, brand recognition, faster sales and growth. It is very difficult to construct Multi storey buildings totally as per Vaastu principles, but by working judiciously on Entrances, building orientation, placements of toilets, Rooms water tanks, site offices common amenities, we can largely help to give positive results to the building.

We help you to plan, execute and by installing Vaastu products we energize and uplift the positive energies to give a sustained benefit both to the residents and realty developers removing gross Vaastu effects and energy imbalances.

Vaastu For Commercial Premises (Offices, Shops, Restaurants, Hotels & Institutions)

Implementation of Vaastu principles can lead to better clientage, client satisfaction, achieve better business in terms of increased sales, financial stability, smoother and faster movement of stocks, payment recoveries etc. Following areas have to be monitored carefully to get the desired results:

  • Location of the office in the building
  • The exteriors of the office like shape, slope, height, water level
  • Location of the Entrance
  • Placement of the windows & Beams
  • Location of the basement
  • Placement of the Owners Office, Reception, Marketing Personal and other employees.
  • Placement of the Stairs
  • Location of major electric equipment like DG sets etc.
  • Location of the pantry/kitchen
  • Location of Toilets
  • The direction & placement of the seminar and conferences room
  • The color scheme of the premises.

For existing properties, we analyze and identify the positivity and negativity within the project and suggest the remedial solutions as per problems faced by the client. Simple Vaastu solutions without demolition and installation of Vaastu products can lead to elemental balance and attainment of the desired results.

For upcoming projects, we suggest changes at the ground level in terms of the Entrances, placement of toilets, and other necessary requirements as per the nature of business to get the best long lasting positive effects for the clients to have a successful & profitable business venture.

How We Do

Aura Vaastu Consultancy strictly believes in the “No Demolition Policy”. In today’s world where concrete jungles have emerged and there is a lot of space constrains, it is practically impossible to do any structural changes in the spaces. We have devised lot of tools and techniques to balance the energies as per the requirement of the space to create a healthy and prosperous environment for the residents.

Astro Vastu Analysis

"Astrology is the mother of all Occult Sciences". This statement proves to be 100% true because it has been the planets which have been deciding the fate of an individual as per their previous life karmas. The effects of a horoscope in Astro Vastu Analysis supersede the effects of Vastu. For this reason, one may witness that despite the rectifications as per Vastu there is No or negligible change in the overall outcome. A horoscope gives an insight on the turn of events the native would have to undergo. Not many would know that a horoscope can also pinpoint towards the Vastu Dosha of the dwelling unit, factory, industry or the place of work of the native.

A thorough analysis of the birth chart reveals the following:

  • The overall period of the Individual
  • The Planetary position of all the Planets
  • The Strength of the Planets
  • The Benefic Planets
  • The Malefic Planets
  • The Weak Planets
  • The Maha Dasha Period / Antar Dasha Period
  • Any specific Issue

These are essential significations of Astro Vastu Analysis. A planet depressed, disoriented and out of position in a horoscope cannot let the native thrive even after the best remedial measures done for Vastu at the premises. There is a definite resemblance between the planets and the premises where the native’s lives/works. So, at the time it becomes effortless to prescribe the dos and don’ts for the native by just doing the Vastu without the knowledge of Planetary position.

Applying Vastu Remedies as per the Charts will give pin point results. Activating Good Planets and neutralizing the bad planets will result in overall benefit of the person. Astrology gives an entire 360 degree view of the time span and the possible errors which can take place and that can be bypassed or rectified with the help of Vastu and Personal Horoscope Remedies.

Brahmsthan Activation Technique

Brahmsthan, the centre of the house is an important element of ancient Indian Vaastu Shastra. Brahmsthan can also be termed as the innermost, sanctified and blessed zone of the house. All the directions have their meeting point at the center of the structure and scatter their positive energies in all directions. This positive energy is like life thread for living beings of the occupants of the structure. The Brahmsthan connects the Mooladhara i.e. Earth to Sahasrara i.e. Space through which the positive energies from the cosmos are showered. The inhabitants can experience well being – physically, mentally and spiritually – only when the Brahmsthan is maintained in perfect order or harmoniously remedied.

Specially customized Brahmsthan yantras are made and installed in the Brahmsthan of the house to strengthen and balance the most important aspect of Vastu i.e. Nabi of VastuPurush. Activation of the Brahmsthan leads to uplift the energy of the entire space. The material used for activation of the Yantras are precious Gems, Metals, Special herbs and Elements as mentioned in the ancient Vaastushastra scriptures to enhance the energy levels of the house. These are then activated by special Puja vidhi and then installed beneath the ground for life time consistent energy flow.

Digpal Activation Technique

The "Digpals or Guardians of the Directions" are the deities who rule the specific directions of space according Vastu. As a group of eight deities, they are called Aṣṭa-Dikpāla, literally meaning guardians of eight directions. They are often augmented with two extra deities for the ten directions (the two extra directions being Sky & Earth).

Special Yantras are made for each deity incorporated with element of that direction, herbs; crystals are metals to enhance the energy. These are then activated by Puja Vidhi and installed in that direction. These deities play an important role in balancing the overall energy grid of the house to provide health, wealth n prosperity.

Marma Activation Technique

Crossing points of longitudinal and latitudinal lines are very sensitive points in Vastu Purush Mandal .They are called as 'Marmasthana. There are nine places where 'KonSutra's intercept each other diagonally called Marmasthana'. These intersection points of Raju are very sensitive nadis. There are six places in Vastu Purush Mandal, known as Shanmahanti. They are Head, Mouth, Heart, Navel, Mammal Gland and Right Mammal Gland. They are very sensitive and relate to health problems. The above mentioned are very sensitive points in Vastu Purush Mandal and no column or beam should be constructed over it, as it can affect the 'Marmasthana' and cause the owner to suffer health problems at that particular limb of his own body.

Indentifying these sensitive energy centers and activating them is call the Marma Activation Technique. Special Yantras are placed at these important points to reduce any extra load thus balancing the entire space.

Metal Strip Surgery Technique

In remedial Vastu, space extension, reduction, presence of anti element and blocking of a negative entrance are major areas of concern. This technique helps us to balance the zonal energy of that space by using appropriate metal strips and doing a space surgery to get the desired results.

Selection of right metal as per the zone and fixation technique plays a important role in getting the best effect.

Space Extension Technique

In modern world where space is a major constrain, builders use each and every corner of the land allotted and in doing so they create lot of ducts and void spaces for amenities like lifts etc, those spaces are cut from the main layout of the usable space. When a zone is cut, the attributes of those zones get severely affected. In order to balance those void spaces, Mirrors are very effectively used to fill those voids thus giving a virtual space extension.

Placement of mirror in the right direction at the proper height results in perfect balancing of the zonal energy.

Space Programming Technique

Law of Physics says "Every object may it a small or big has a energy of its own". This means that any object we place in our space may be it is our home of work place will exert some energy. If these objects are placed in the right zone as per there symbolic attribute, the results are going to be miraculously positive. This programming technique involves placement of certain specific objects in specific zones to get a specific work done. The theory behind this is the working of the thought at sub conscious level to manifest the work.

Space Purification Technique

Every interior space needs to be cleansed and purified from time to time so as to remove the energetic blockages which get created due to the exchange of thoughts and words which take place between the people living within its four walls. In order to remove these undesirable accumulated energies from any space, be it houses, business places or other properties, and create balance and harmony, a space purification process is carried out.

The art of aligning these energies in an attempt to create harmony and balance after cleansing, balancing and enhancing them from within a space so that it improves our living and work environments is what we term as space purification. This vital flow of energy affects every segment of our lives including health, prosperity and relationships; hence it is highly essential to keep this field of energy clean and clear. Contaminated energies are like toxic wastes which adversely affect our quality of life. These undesirable energies can be easily removed by processing a space clearing and space cleansing activity within it which in turn would restore positivity and showcase clarity in one’s life.

Tatwasuddhi Technique

Tatwas relate to the Five Elements of the nature i.e.; Air, Water, Fire Earth & Space. Balance in the Panchtatwas is the key to success. But due to various reasons when an activity of the anti element is carried out in a zone that creates an imbalance. Cycle of Creation, Destruction and Control have to be put in place to control this anti activity to remove any anti element activity from that specific zone. Elemental imbalance leads to lot of physical and emotional problems thus leading to a chaos in life.

Relocation Technique

Sometimes certain Objects / Equipments have a very specific function. These functions are related to some specific zones. If these objects are placed in that zone there activity creates positivity else it results in to energy imbalance. Relocation Technique refers to relocate those objects from a wrong zone to the right place to get the maximum benefits.

Space Amplification Technique

Amplification means enhancement. This technique is applied when a certain space needs enhancement of energy to give the desired result. Pyramids have been known for enhancing the energy of a particular space by at least 108 times. It has been observed that in spite of a good zone the energy quotient is very less for the manifestation of the work. Here we use the technique of Space Amplification by the use of colored pyramids as per the requirement of the zone to balance and increase the energy.

Space Enlightening Technique

Light have been used extensively for enlighten a particular space to balance the energy. In any particular space there are areas which are good in terms of zone but they are hidden or dark which leads to low energy. In such cases special bulbs and focus lights are used to energize the place. Places like shafts, vacant areas, are even focusing on specific zone will also work miraculously to get the result.

Gems therapy Technique

Gemstones of Ratnadhyay uplift the space and energy. Since gemstones are the “seeds of the earth”, they also add sweetness to the Vastu premises. Anything that comes from the mother earth has a healing property. Gemstones are enveloped with highly concentrated energy and have profound resonance with the human body; they are almost perfect energy space healing tools. Maybe, you get more strength when you work in crystal energized space.

Illnesses, as well as disease, are not only cause by our physical bodies but also due to the unbalanced energy field. Gem stones or crystals are key in activating true beneficial energy in and around your space.

Gemstones are perfect for Vastu Corrections because they are formed through the powerful dynamic processes of nature. As a result, gemstones embody the energy of the elements that are in harmony with Vastu arrangement. They are much as a foundation deposit which automatically enhances the positive vibrations in the location.

Every Vastu has eight directions and a center which are ruled by the different planets. “Manasara” as well as “Mayamatam” has a special chapter on Ratnadhyay indicating a chart of direction, ruling planet, gem of ruling planet and, also mantra. Treasure your gems or crystals while they are with you, and let them bring you abundance as well as happiness.

Dhatudhyay Technique

Dhatu refers to Metals. In this ancient technique metals are used to enhance / balance the energy as per the requirement of the space. All the Panch Mahabhootas are having a metal of their own and each direction in Vastu is ruled by one metal. When these metal energies are in synchronization with each other the balance of energy is maintained. But these are also used as tools to enhance/reduce and balance the energies of zones. Metal studs and raw metals are frequently used in this technique.


As we are aware that every element has its own shape and crystals have been established to give holistic cure to the environment they are placed in. So, if the crystals are placed in that zone it improves the aura of that zone thus enhancing the properties. Hence crystals are widely used as a Vaastu remedy. The crystals are either buried in the flooring in that zone or they can be kept in that zone to have the desired results.


Colors have been playing an important role in Vaastu remedies. It is an established fact that Colors, Planets, Elements and Constellations have a deep relationship. In the texts of Vaastu Shastra the use of specific color for a particular direction and been associated with the deity’s of the direction. And every direction has a ruling planet, which in turn has its specific color. Colors of Curtains, Tapestry & Wall play a important role in energy balance of the house or space.

It is advisable to use the recommended colors for different directions to enhance good luck, health and wealth.

East direction is by the planet Sun. The element is Air/Wood. The recommended color for East direction is Green, Rust, Dark Brown and Golden which gives purity.

West direction is ruled by planet Saturn. The element is Metal/Space. The color for this direction is recommended is Grey, Silver, All Metallic Colors or even Navy Blue which gives satisfaction and maturity.

North direction is ruled by planet Mercury. The element is Water. The recommended color for this direction is Blue / Green as this gives intelligence and wealth.

South direction is ruled by planet Mars. The element is Fire. The recommended color for this direction is Red / Mahroon which gives aggression.

North-East direction is represented by Jupiter. The element is Water plus Earth plus Air. The recommended color for this direction is Green / Blue / Yellow as it stands for purity.

North-West direction is represented by the moon. The element is Water. The recommended color for this direction is White / Yellow as it denotes purity and wealth.

South-East direction is represented by Venus. The element is Fire. The recommended color for this direction is Creamy White / Pink/ Violet white which gives beauty, charm and luck.

South-West direction is represented by Rahu. The element is Earth. The recommended color for this direction is Yellow / Beige / Dust which gives courage & Stability.


Plants have a great living reference with human life. Plants and trees play a pivotal role in making our surroundings apt and energized. But some plants and trees are prohibited in living place due to their interrelation with science and mythology. Plants have direct relation with human life because whatever the plants emit in the form of gas is been inhaled by humans. Some plants and trees emit negative vibes and harmful gases which pollutes our environment, thus making it unsafe.

Plants and trees must be chosen with care and planted in proper direction in order to draw good results. According to Vaastu there are some specific plants which are considered auspicious for homes must be only planted with Vastu compliant direction to get the maximum benefit.

Vastu Yantra

Vaastu Yantras are powerful tools to combat the harmful effects arising due to defects in Vaastu of any building. Vaastu Shastra is a science which help us to achieve material prosperity, mental peace, happiness & harmony at home & work place by creating a balance between all the FIVE ELEMENTS (Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space). The entire Universe, the dwellings where we live or work as well as our body is made up of these very five elements. Hence whenever there is an imbalance of these elements in the place where we live or work, it exerts a negative effect on our body, mind and soul which manifests in the form of diseases, obstructions, dissatisfactions as well as difficulty in our growth.

In today's modern age it is not always possible to rectify Vaastu Dosha by doing structural changes due to reasons beyond our control. In such a scenario, it is very helpful if we install a Vaastu Yantras which corresponds to that area in our house, office, factory or any other workplace where a Vaastu Dosha exists and we are unable to rectify the same by doing structural changes.

Geopathic Stress Removal Technique

Geopathic Stress is the study of earth energies and their effect on human health. There are various types of earth energies, some very beneficent for human health, and some detrimental. It is important to understand that none of the earth energies we are dealing with are dangerous or malevolent; there is no need for fear. The reason these energies are challenging for human health is because their strong vibrations can weaken a person's immune system if one is exposed to them for a long period of time. So, it is wise to avoid spending too much time. Bio-electromagnetic radiations emanating from earth’s natural sources — magnetic grid lines, underground water streams, fossil deposits; from some building materials such as granite, and from manmade sources — mobile phones, computers, transmission towers, server rooms etc. are harmful for the health of human beings and impact the performance of machines at the workplace. Geopathic Stresses, emitted from earth’s natural sources, are 200 times stronger than the average energy level of the human body and are also ‘negative’ in nature. These radiations start affecting the health of an individual if subjected to them over a period of time. If one is sleeping on a bed or working in a particular cabin in their office, which is cut by a magnetic grid line or an underground water stream, and then it causes a negative impact on one’s health. The extent of damage will depend on the immunity level of the person.

Geopathic Stress in any space are detected by special Scanners and treated by special Geo Rods to neutralize the effect of these negative radiations. Geopathic stress removal brings healthy environment and increases positive energy of the space.

Removal of IR/ UV (Negative Energy) Technique

Other than the Geopathic Stress, certain energies are also considered negative for human existence. These are called IR / UV energies which have a frequency which human body cannot be comfortable with. Normal range a human body is comfortable is between 3.9 to 7.7 Hz. Energies above and below will cause disturbances in human body. Normally it has been found that on these frequencies which are above or below 3.9 to 7.7 Hz living Entities or Negative Spirits are found.

Special Oils are used and drilled in the earth to remove the effect of these energies.

Aromatic Oil Technique

Aroma Healing has a vast history and from ancient times it has been a boon for holistic healers. It gives fast and permanent results and these oils have been now extensively used in Vastu to treat the space and energize the zones as per the requirement.

Pure or combinations of Aromas are used to purify, enhance or change the entire energy grid of the space to get the desired results. Special scanners are used to analyze the Chakras of the body as there are also linked with the space you live in. The disturbed Chakras are identified and then treated with aromatherapy to balance the Chakras. This technique synchronizes both the space and the occupants to give a combined positive effect.



(3 Day Vastu Shastra Basic Course)

Course Fees: Rs 21000/-

Vaastugyan (Basic) offers the following advantages:

  • Master you to balance your home and office to lead a desired life full of Health, Wealth & Happiness.
  • Learn the systematic problem-solving method with accurate diagnosis
  • Learn easy-to-apply, Remedial Solutions and achieve desired solutions without demolitions in Building Spaces, Apartments, Plots, Duplexes, Businesses
  • Rediscover true joy and happiness and get a new perspective to life.
  • Learn Laws of attracting Money, Opportunities, Growth on Investments and improving Social Recognition.

Course Kit - Course Material, Compass, Vastu Chakra, Scale, Graph Book, Stationary Kit, Measuring Tape

  • Basics of Vastu Shastra
  • Uses & Limitations of Vastu Shastra
  • Modern perspective of Vastu
  • Vastu Purush Mandala
  • Reading the Compass & finding the correct Direction
  • Panchtatvas - The Five Elements
  • Relationship of Elements & Vastu Zones
  • Earth's Magnetic Field
  • Geopathic Stress
  • Energy Fields
  • Types of Plots & their Relevance
  • Disha Shool
  • Gridding of layout
  • Identification of Centre in a Layout
  • Types of Entrances & its Effect
  • Understanding 16 Vastu Zones
  • Placement of Rooms
  • Effects of Kitchen in Various Zones
  • Toilets & Vastu
  • Color& Vastu
  • Planets & Vastu
  • How to evaluate Vastu of a Place/Building/Plot/Space
  • Importance of FIR (First Information Report) in Vastu
  • Identification of problem from FIR & its related Zone
  • Growth in Business
  • Family Harmony & Bonding
  • Delayed Marriages
  • Child Birth Issues
  • New Opportunities in Career
  • Growth in Career
  • How to plan Remedies without demolition
  • Remedial Aspect of Vastu
  • Elemental Color Strip Technique
  • Metal Strip Surgery Technique
  • Brahmsthan Activation Technique
  • Digpal Activation Technique
  • Marma Activation Technique
  • Space Programming Technique 2D & 3D Symbols
  • Green Plants - Effects & Placement
  • Relocation Technique
  • Enlightening Technique
  • Space Amplification Technique
  • Space Extension Technique
  • Right Direction Selection
  • Commercial Vastu
  • Solutions for Financial Stability
  • Interiors & Vastu
  • Placement of Appliances
  • Vastu Tips
  • Myths about Vastu
  • To Create Long Lasting Relationships
  • Behavioral Control
  • Healing Powers of the Building
  • Political Success
  • Social Recognition
  • Excellence in Studies
  • Winning Litigation
  • Creating Security
  • Blocked Payments & Recovery
  • Banking & Support
  • Expenditure Control


We found a gem of a person in him. A man full of positivity and good vibes.. we are really blessed to have him in our life.. best astrologer one could ever ask for , with so logical and meaningful solutions to all the problems.

Sparshita Beri

Student, Amritsar, Punjab, India

It’s been a lovely experience all through ever since I got to know Sudhip g. Extremely helpful and readily approachable . Always predicted right and given simple solutions to major issues. Can’t thank him enough for being there for me always . God bless

Harvinder Dhanjal

Housewife, Kisumu, Kenya, Africa

Precise interpretation. Very helpful.

Sharmila Tandon

ICF Life Coach, NLP & Reiki Practitioner, New Delhi

Aura consultancy has been of great help in my personal as well as professional life. The predictions, the easy remedies, the advice, the attitude to help & guide and not cheat has been a high point of satisfaction in my interactions with Mr. Suddip in last 2 years. He has been absolutely polite and assertive in his suggestions for my good. He resolves all the queries in an easy manner. He is so full of knowledge but zero pride. I shall recommend it to all who are seeking career advancement, success, happiness, peace of mind, good health and a positive direction to life.

Mridulla Harshvardhan

Life Coach & Heal Your Life Workshop Leader, Gurugram, Haryana

We are so grateful to Suddipji for the guidance and positivity he has shown towards our family. The changes we made as per his directions have impacted us in a very successful way. He has always been responsive everytime we have messaged him. We live abroad and he is always available for us. Thank you for everything

Radhi Sheravia

Self Employed, NJ, United States

We are really very grateful that he is with us. He always gives his precious time when we need. He resolve our problems in a spectacular way. Thanx a lot for being there.

Pooja Beri

Housewife, Amritsar, Punjab, India

Your consultation and solutions has shown a tremendous positivity in my life regarding my health,prosperity,future and happiness.The solutions and suggestions given by you has shown a great change in my life.Hope to get the same in future also.

Lalit Ajaria

Astt, Drug Commissioner, Govt. of Rajasthan, Udaipur, India

I have known suddipji since past 2 years and he literally changed my perception on astrology with the way he manages to explain his clients with logics and not being superstitious about it. He carries so much positivity around him and he's by far the best counsellor i came across. I have had work done from him and have felt the great results personally. I would highly recommend auravaastu for every solutions of the issues one goes through. All the best Sir.

Chandni Jadav

Self Employed, Bengaluru, India

Suddip bhai... Gem of a person.. so comfortable so calm personality, and advise you can bank on.. thanks for being beside us.

Varun Yadav

Entrepreneur, Noida, UP

Mr. Suddip Mehta has excellent knowledge and extensive experience in vastu as well as astrology. His suggestions and solutions are very realistic and in sync with today's busy life.

Neeru Bhagat

Professor, Symbiosis, Pune, India

It was a priviledge to have my problems sorted out by you. You have been extremely helpful n understanding thought-out the process, and i couldnt have come across a better person to share my issues to overcome my problems. I would, without doubt, consult u n recommend u to my friends who are having problems regarding Vastu n astrology. My best wishes r with u.

Priya Mehta

Self Employed, Ahmedabad, India

Sudipbhai is a wonderful man. Very humble,down to earth, with helping nature. He is the master of vastu. I hv been with him many a times for vastu pooja. I hv found that he is an expert in his work. He gives the result to his clients He put 100% in his job. Moreover he is proved a very good friend.

Ameet Raval

Vedic Ritual Expert, Ahmedabad, India

Suddip Mehta is exceptional in his profession of vaastu ,astrology and numerology .His solutions to problems are simple and practical to implement .His warm and helpful nature as an individual makes it easy to connect and share your concerns with him .He is a thorough professional and a wonderful honest human being .

Amreesh Kher

Exe VP & Head Bancassurance, Delhi

Thank you so much for all the guidance and giving smallest advice possible. Ur ideas really works.

Nitin Kakwani

Entrepreneur – Owner of Eleven Chain of Restaurants, Ahmedabad, India

Predictions are very good n remedies for vastu are very effective

Himanshu Chhajed

Banker & Investment Consultant, Dubai, UAE

Very helpful and excellent work

Priya Chandwani

Entrepreneur, Ahmedabad, India

अद्वितीय पकड़ हे वास्तु शास्त्र की आपकी और दोष दूर करने की सूझ असाधारण हे .

Virendra Chhajed

Senior Citizen, Ahmedabad, India

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